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Being a GOT7’s AhGaSe this last 2 years!

GOT72nd anniv

So many memories in just 2 years of being GOT7′s AhGaSe! ^w^❤
Who could even imagine that I was going to love a KPop group as much as I love GOT7 right now?
But you know what? ^^

They’re just SO awesome to not being loved~ ^w^

It’s just that…

Because of them and for them, I feel like I’m a better person nowadays…
and I know that because of them and for them, I’m going to be even a better person tomorrow ^^

This is  the main reason why I love this 7 gorgeous boys with all my heart and forever…
Because they taught me to love myself once again in the moment of my life that I more needed to be loved, because I was feeling just so tired of everyone and everything in my life and they bring me back the will to believe in people on more time…
Because they reminded me to never give up with my dreams even if the obstacles seems to be endless and just keep smiling even if the rain keeps falling down…

The existence of this 7 guys brought a rush of light to my monochrome world and filled it with brightly and countless colors, sounds and hopes…They can be so cute, handsome, brilliant, clever, nice, sexy, kind, crazy and even stupid… but no matter what, I just love them more and more every day just because they are the way they are… GOT7 are just right! ❤

Mark: Our beloved senior… the one that makes the most kawaii faces in the universe. The quiet boy that always losts himself in Markland but never stop thinking about the members and the fans. Thank you so much for all your aegyo, for your crazy-stupid comments, for your laughs and your occurrences. For being the reliable old brother that loves the most in the GOT7 family!

Jaebum: The best of the leaders! The one that can even change his savage personality for the group’s sake… The guy that worries the most for GOT7’s future. Our “non-cutie B-Boy” that always makes us sigh and scream with every move he do. Thank you so much for always being there! For your leadership and for keeping united all the pieces of this amazing puzzle!

Jackson: My cheeky-cherry boy! The mood-maker of the team! The one that works the most to improve himself and for the team-work’s sake. The boy whose smile is the most beautiful thing in the whole universe, the pure-hearted and sexy-wild kid that always makes us roll on the floor laughting. Thank you so much for be the spark that keeps alive our hearts and for always keep smiling no matter what!

Jinyoung: The cutest and clever boy that I’ve ever known. The beloved mom! The one that enjoys teasing his kids all the time and making fun of them, the scariest one when is mad but the most kind person that can be found. Thank you so much for being there to love and praise the members, in the happy times, in the sad times, thank you so much for being the warmest hearted boy!

Youngjae: The cutest fluffy plushie! Our leader’s teddy bear! The boy whose laugh makes the world brighter! The babe of the powerful voice’s factory. The little sunshine that always makes us smile just for knowing him happy. Thank you so much for your charming personality, for your mischievous eyes and your lovely smiles, for your devilish dances and your angelic songs!

BamBam: Our little fashion prince! The boy that loves the most the fanservice and always makes our heartbeats reach the sky. The one that worries the most for the fans and always thinks first in the team’s sake. Thank you so much for keep being with us even if sometimes the clouds seems to never stop covering your sky. Thank you for all your sacrifices and for all your work. Thank you for being the cute little brother that loves everyone in the family.

Yugyeom: Our giant baby!!! The cutest non-cute kid! The one that always loves and follows his members in every step they give. The crazy boy that makes us laugh even if isn’t his intention. The maknae that never looks like the younger but that infact have the most pure heart to love his family as the baby he is. Thank you so much for all your effort, for your super cool dances, for always tease your older brothers and for being the most perfect maknae of the story!

And I feel so blessed to have them in my life that I can’t never say enough “thank you” for all the things that they have made for me.

I wish that they always have the strength and the motivation to keep giving their best in every thing that they decide to do… that every night they can smile for all the things that they did in their day and have sweet dreams and good rest… that every morning they can smile for all the things that they’re going to do in their day and have wonderful experiencies to share.

I wish that they always keep being happy and never forget the things that are really important for them, that they can treasure every one of their dreams and can continue running to the goal that they already chose for themself.

Because no matter what, I’m always going to be here, loving them and supporting them in every step they give.

I’m proud to be a GOT7’s IGOT7!~ ❤
I’m proud of everyone of you, guys!~ ❤

Markie-Pooh, Jaebum-ah, Jacks, Jinyoungie, Youngjae-ah, Bams, Gyeomie: Thank you so much for being here! Thank you so much for being as you are! And thank you so much for every thing that you do for all of us! I really really love all of you guys with all my heart! You complete my life! ❤